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Maria, a runaway slave in ancient Rome, is punished by the authorities: first she is stripped, then sexually humiliated and raped. Next, she is flogged and finally crucified with a phallic shaped horn forced into her vagina. She writhes and struggles going up and down on the cross for hours in agony suffering additional torments forced on her by the soldiers, before she is released.

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James ''Jamie'' Carnifex is a 17 year old high-school student who just recently moved to Baltimore, Maryland alongside his abusive father. In the first week of school, the students are ordered to start a report on a person of interest to them.

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Probably due to a Christian background, crucifixion is an erotic obsession of mine. Due to this fetish, I joined the Crux mailing list in 1998 and posted my first photomontage on this topic - a nude, whipped with a crown of thorns, crucified by ropes and riding on a sharp edged piece of wood...

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Neo Crucifix Scene. A short tale by Zamnath. The room was huge. Hints of opaque purple peered out from vaulted ceilings moldered with greasy black refuse.

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Mar 17, 2016· Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Poll. ... Gaius Liborius has shortly begun his military service and ordered to a crucifixion. How he hated it do fulfill the job of the nasty pig Crassus! In the battlefield, it is a fair fight, but not here! ... excellent piece of art .. intense and erotic …

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Apr 04, 2015· We want to be desired; to be looked at. Jesus' erotic crucifixion mandates that we look at him and love him in response to his love for us. We want to be desired; to be looked at. Jesus' erotic crucifixion mandates that we look at him and love him in response to his love for us. ... THE INSTITUTE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY Look at Me: The Young ...

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Mar 24, 2016· Crucifixion in naked, gritty detail. BACK TO BLOG FEED. by Stephen M. Miller. March 24, 2016. SLOW DEATH. When Christians were telling the story of Jesus' crucifixion, Roman writers were describing in gritty detail crucifixions they saw with their own eyes. Painting by Michael Willmann.

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134 Crucified Women Cards

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JAMILLA CRUCIFIXION Jamilla's crucifixion. Jamilla was already awake when the sunlight entered her cell. After the Romans had captured her yesterday at the villa of her master, they had locked her up in there. Once they had locked the door, she ran to the small window, just in case she might hear something about her sentence.

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Today, Christians around the world commemorate Christ's crucifixion Take a look at these gory stories involving being nailed to a cross. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.

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Oct 17, 2006· WARNING: This blog contains real stories and pictures of violence, atrocities, brutalities and bizaare news that are not seen on TV. Minors are suggested to get out from this blog due to sensitive issues and graphic contents.The aim of this blog is to inform and educate readers about current events, history and recent happenings around the world.

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