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Mechanical Properties* Form Temper Temper Code Tensile Strength (ksi) YS-0.2% Offset Elongation (%) Rockwell B scale Rockwell C scale Rockwell 30T scale

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Apr 13, 2012· The beryllium copper iron was introduced by Ping in the early eighties with the release of the 1982 Eye2's. 1984, Ping releases the BeCu Eye2, or Beryllium Copper Eye2 iron, which is actually cast using the Eye2 Lite molds. [1]

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Beryllium is used industrially in three forms: as a pure metal, as beryllium oxide, and most commonly, as an alloy with copper, aluminum, magnesium, or nickel. Beryllium oxide (called beryllia) is known for its high heat capacity and is an important component of certain sensitive electronic equipment.

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One of the highest strength copper based alloys available on the market today is beryllium copper, also known as spring copper or beryllium bronze. The commercial grades of beryllium copper contain 0.4 to 2.0 percent beryllium. The small ratio of beryllium to copper creates a family of high copper alloys with strength as high as alloy steel.

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Aug 03, 2008· BeCu=Beryllium Copper I have a BeCu sand wedge with a slightly bent S300 shaft. It was a garage sale purchase for a few dollars. The only thing special about it is the BeCu material.

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copper nickels and other alloy families, strength is increased in proportion to the amount of cold work. Deep drawing, coining, stretching, and bending are common methods used to form components such as bathroom fixtures and other products. Cartridge brass reflects the deep drawing characteristic of that alloy. Copper nickel tubes are

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Beryllium Copper Overview. Copper beryllium alloys are used for their high strength and good electrical and thermal conductivities. There are two groups of copper beryllium alloys, high strength alloys and high conductivity alloys. The wrought high strength alloys contain 1.6 to 2.0% beryllium and approximately 0.3% cobalt.

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Apr 07, 2018· First off, yes, I know not to machine beryllium copper because the dust is poisonous. That out of the way, I think I have a roll of sheet beryllium copper. It's copper colored and despite it being pretty thin, when you bend it, it springs back to it's original position rather than bending.

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Aug 26, 2015· This material requires a specific manufacturing. Watch this video and find out how easy the handling is with the piggyWelder. The piggyWelder® 2 power is not longer available. Now you can get the ...

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The copper beryllium alloys are produced from a master alloy of copper and beryllium, containing approximately 4 % of beryllium. The manufacturing process is as follows: 1) Chemical treatment of the ore (beryl), a double aluminium beryllium silicate, to produce a beryllium oxide.

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Beryllium Copper Strip. beryllium copper is known to have high fatigue strength with high bending stress and has been used as an extremely long life, high reliable spring material.beryllium copper can be used in a wide range of temperatures and has an excellent properties at elevated temperatures.


AMPCO's patented production process gives AMPCO ® M4 mechanical properties beyond the range of commercial nickel-aluminium bronzes, It is comparable to beryllium copper only comes with a lower cost and without the beryllium copper industrial hygiene requirements.

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Beryllium Copper Alloy 25 Strip; 1/2H (TD02) Temper (UNS C17200) Treatment required for max strength: as supplied Formability Ratio, 90° Bend, Radius/Thickness (Good Way): 0.5

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Alloy Beryllium Nickel Copper C17510 0.20-0.60 1.4-2.2 Balance PHYSICAL PROPERTIES* Elastic Modulus Melting Point (Solidus) Electrical Conductivity/ resistivity Density Thermal Expansion Coefficient Thermal Conductivity (25 °C) 20,000 ksi 138 GPa 1900°F 1040 °C 45-60% IACS 2.9-3.8 μΩ-cm 0.319 lb/in3 8.83 g/cm3 9.8x10-6 in/in °F

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This alloy which contains approximatively 2 % of beryllium and achieves the highest mechanical strength and hardness after heat treatment of all copper beryllium alloys. In soft or slightly re-rolled condition, Alloy 25, C17200, CW101C exhibits excellent bending behaviour.

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Beryllium copper plate, block, bar and rounds are available in a choice of strength, hardness and thermal conductivity levels. High fatigue strength Beryllium copper is known to have high fatigue strength with high bending stress and has been used as an …

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Copper-beryllium alloys bear the highest mechanical properties of all copper alloys. Berylco strips – high strength alloys. Notz Metal Ltd, Copper Beryllium 4 State TS (N/mm2) YS 0.2 ... * Bending radius: the above values give minimum bending radius for 1mm thickness or less. ...

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INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE When supplied in solid form, beryllium copper alloys are non-hazardous, because Beryllium has been completely dissolved into copper. General handling, stamping, forming, most machining operations, pickling, surface treatment, plating and heat treatment are nonhazardous and do not require any special precautions.

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Beryllium Copper Beryllium Copper Copper Base Wire. Spring Works Utah specializes in the custom manufacture of wire springs, flat springs, and wire products using Beryllium Copper …

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Made of beryllium copper that is FM approved, these pliers satisfy OSHA requirements that specify nonsparking tools for locations where flammable vapors and combustible residues are present. Also known as round-nose pliers, use for looping and bending wire.

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Manufacturer & distributor of beryllium copper alloys, beryllium copper tubing, & beryllium copper wires. Beryllium copper alloy offers good strength & hardness characteristics coupled with conductivity in the range of 45-60 percent of copper with tensile & hardness properties approaching 140 ksi …

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Beryllium copper is a precipitation hardening alloy with excellent properties at elevated temperatures and can be used in a wide range of temperatures with little loss of mechanical properties. Good Formability. Beryllium copper alloys can be formed into complicated shapes in …

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Buy new and used Ping Eye 2 Beryllium Copper Iron Set from the best golf shop. 2nd Swing Golf offers the best deals on Ping golf equipment. Reduce strokes off your next round! - C17500 Alloy

copper-cobalt-beryllium alloy, plate, sheet, strip, and rolled bar: rod: astm: b441: copper-cobalt-beryllium (uns no. c17500) and copper-nickel-beryllium (uns no. c17510) rod and bar: sae: j461: wrought and cast copper alloys: sae: j463: wrought copper and copper alloys: seamless tube: astm: b937: copper-beryllium seamless tube (uns nos.17500 ...

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Beryllium copper (BeCu), also known as copper beryllium (CuBe), beryllium bronze and spring copper, is a copper alloy with 0.5—3% beryllium and sometimes other elements. Beryllium copper combines high strength with non-magnetic and non-sparking qualities. It has excellent metalworking, forming and machining properties.It has many specialized applications in tools for hazardous …

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Shape Distortion of High Strength Copper Beryllium during Precipitation Age Hardening Alloy 25 copper beryllium is a high strength, precipitation hardenable alloy. The hardening process greatly improves strength, hardness and other mechanical properties, although it can lead to distortion of the part, unless care is exercised to prevent it.