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Medium coated rutile type hard facing electrode. Weld deposit is an air hardening type carbon chromium alloy which has high degree of toughness and excellent resistance to rolling and sliding friction and heavy impact, weld metal is machinable. Medium coated rutile type hard facing electrode depositing air hardening type carbon chromium alloy weld

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Hardfacing electrode called self-detaching "cover slag". High yield: 170% Thick rutile coating with iron powder and chromium carbide. Principal Applications : Extrusion screw surfaces in the ceramic industry. The production constraints in the ceramic and cement industry call for …

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Alloys International are Australia's foremost experts on hardfacing. We have been supplying hardfacing consumables for almost 40 years. With high local stock, we are able to provide the right advice for protection against abrasion, corrosion, high temperature, impact or any combination thereof.


RUTILE BASED HARDFACING ELECTRODES CHARACTERISTICS : EURO HARD-300 is a rutile based, medium coated electrode which produces a hard layer of welding on mild steels, machinery parts, equipment accessories etc., The deposited weldment is tough and …

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rutile electrodes. rutile electrodes with high mechanical characteristics. basic electrodes with high weldability. stainless steel 316l rutile-basic electrodes. stainless steel 312 rutile-basic electrodes. nickel pure electrodes for cast iron. hardfacing electrodes. gce group. legal & privacy notice;

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Hardfacing Electrodes Manufacturer Exporter Supplier ... Hardfacing Electrodes are medium-coated rutile type hard facing electrode intended for gear teeth, rail-ends and crossing, shaft, mill guide plates, pulley, pinion etc. Hardfacing Electrodes that we offer are tough and are resistant to rolling and sliding friction and heavy impact.

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Good evening guys, I have a couple of skids I need to weld some hardfacing onto. Because of my machine I'm limited to 1/8. I only need a pound or two of electrodes and don't want to pay for a full 10 pounds that I'll never use in my lifetime. Do you think I could get by using 7018 or could anyone

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Jul 12, 2017· Rutile. Rutile is a mineral composed primarily of titanium dioxide. Rutile electrodes such as E6013, E7014, and XXX-16 class stainless steel electrodes offer a soft arc with lighter penetration than cellulosic electrodes. The slag is easily controlled, and the arc ignites and restrikes easily, offering greater welder appeal.


RUTILE BASED HARDFACING ELECTRODE CHARACTERISTICS : EURO HARD-III LH is a rutile based, medium coated hard facing electrode with pleasing operating characteristics like smooth and stable arc, easy arc striking and re-striking properties, maneuverability in welding positions. The electrode deposits a non-machinable weld metal with C-Cr-Mo-V ...

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Hardfacing Welding Electrodes Hardfacing anode of the rapid steel for fix welding of cutting apparatuses, drills, stepping machines and so forth. The weld metal acquires its most extreme hardness by twofold treating.

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Premium Rutile Coated Hardfacing Electrode With High Toughness And Resistance To Moderate Abrasion. Felix 735 AC-DC AWS : Proprietory Product---Rutile Coated Hardfacing Electrode With High ResistanceTo Severe Impact And Moderate Abrasion. Felix 736 AC-DC DIN : DIN 8555 : E1 UM-300---

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• General applications: Surfacing of rails and switches, roller guides, slideways,build up before hardfacing. • Rutile coated electrode for surfacing of machine and construction parts, as well as of tools made of lowalloyed and cast steels which are mainly stressed by pressure and shock. Electrodes are easy to weld even on small welding ...

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Description . Rutile-basic coated electrode with austenitic microstructure weld metal containing dispersed carbides. Efficiency of 160% . Suitable for hardfacing applications requiring high resistance to severe abrasion by mineral particles, good resistance to corrosion and to oxidation up to 620ºC.

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Electrode giving a weld metal with coarse chromium carbides in an austenitic matrix. Suitable for surfacing worn parts in earth-moving equipment, sand pumps, mixers, feed screws, dust extractors, crushers etc exposed to wear by coal, ores and other minerals.


A rutile hardfacing electrode designed for applications of light impact wear, high gouging wear Easy slag detachability, good arc restriking and low spatter The electrode coating permits out of position welding Designed for applications of high impact wear and high gouging wear Gives moderate abrasion resistance Wearshield® 15CrMn: rev. C-EN24 ...

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Manufacturer of Hardfacing Electrodes - Hardfacing Type Electrode, Tubular Hard Facing Electrode, Rutile Chromium Coated Air Hardening Electrode and Air Hardening Hardfacing Electrode offered by Cosmos Electrodes Private Limited, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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DESCRIPTION. H-701 is a medium coated rutile type hardfacing electrode. The weld deposit is an air hardening type carbon chromium alloy which has a high degree of toughness and excellent resistance to rolling and sliding friction and heavy impact loads.

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Masterweld HF900 is a hard facing electrode designed for applications on ferrous metals involving friction and severe abrasion, also where certain heat and corrosive conditions apply. The electrode is of the rutile chromium carbide all positional type and has a metal recovery rate of 150%.

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Cobalarc 350 is a metal enriched, Rutile type electrode recommended for the multi-layer build-up and surfacing of steel components subjected to metal wear and compressive loading. 5kg Variations 611443 – 3.2 mm 611444 – 4.0 mm Metal Enriched, Rutile Type Electrode For Re-Building Worn Steel Components Tough, Machinable Low Carbon Martensitic Steel Deposit

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Combines the weldability of rutile electrodes with mechanical properties of a basic electrode Lincoln 7018-1 E7018-1 E46 3 B 32 H5 Carton Box All purpose & all position basic electrode for general construction work. ... All position hardfacing electrode producing a crack free deposit (45-57HRc).

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Welding Electrodes gedikedu 2017-09-08T07:12:42+00:00 Rutile Electrodes. GeKa ELIT Rutile Electrode Details. GeKa PANTERA Rutile Electrode Details. GeKa LOTUS Rutile Electrode ... GeKa ELHARD 250 Hardfacing Electrode Details. GeKa ELHARD 300 Hardfacing Electrode Details.

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A wide range of stick electrodes: mild and medium carbon steel, mild steel and cellulosic, high speed, high deposition, low alloy and low hydrogen, stainless steels, cutting electrode, gouging welding, maintenance and repair solutions and more.

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Hardfacing Welding Electrode Rod Aws E6013 Stick Alloy Steel Metal Stick Brand 2.5mm-5mm Ac/dc Price In Baoding, Find Complete Details about Hardfacing Welding Electrode Rod Aws E6013 Stick Alloy Steel Metal Stick Brand 2.5mm-5mm Ac/dc Price In Baoding,Aws E6013 Welding Electrode,Baoding Welding Electrode,Hardfacing Electrodes from Welding Rods Supplier or …

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Jan 31, 2019· Do not confuse hardfacing with a joining process. Hardfacing is the process of applying a harder or tougher metal to the base material. Hardfacing electrodes are divided into three categories: iron base, nickel base, and cobalt base, which are then alloyed with carbide-forming elements such as chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, and other elements.

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OK 83.30 is a rutile electrode for hardfacing and cladding tracks, shafts, rolls, rails, rail frogs etc when hardness of 30-35 HRC is required from the weld metal. [Read more] OK 84.58 A general purpose hardfacing electrode depositing a semi corrosion resistant martensitic steel with a hardness of about 57 HRC. The electrode is specially ...

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Rutile coated electrode for retouching edges and rebuilding steel parts for hot and cold service. Applications include: Shear blades, forging dies, runways, cams, and slides. Cladding of mild or low alloy steels for the same. Applications involving metal to metal wear up to 550°C with thermal and mechanical shock properties. AI-0511-TDS

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Cobalarc Hardfacing Electrodes Cobalarc Austex 16 Cobalarc Mangcraft 16 Cobalarc 350 16 Cobalarc 650 17 Cobalarc 750 17 Cobalarc Toolcraft 17 Cobalarc CR70 18 ... rutile type electrodes. • Ideal vertical-down fillet welding electrode for thinner steel sections using "Touch Welding" techniques.


HARDFACING ELECTRODES RUTILE ELECTRODE FOR HARDFACING. Rutile-basic coated electrode for surfacing of machines and construction parts suffering from wear and tear, as well as of tools made of low-alloyed and cast steels. Resistant to medium abrasion, shock and pressure. Electrodes are easy to weld even on small welding equipment with low open ...